Come on, you love it, you know you do …

You Love St. Valentin.jpgThe Swinglisher is trying to decide if this sign outside a flower shop is some type of command or merely wishful thinking along the lines of Harvey Weinstein’s pathetic pleas to young Hollywood actresses. (“Come on, you love it, you know you do ….”)

You decide. Just don’t forget the roses!

The Swinglisher: de retour after a two-month break from Swinglishing.

A two-month break which was, more importantly than the duration, a weapon-free break.

no weapons allowed.jpg

Clearly, this isn’t a Swinglish sign. But surely nobody could guess that it’s an Americanglish sign, could they?

Jetlag duly recovered from, The Swinglisher is de nouveau on the lookout for some proper Swinglish. Check back here soon!

It’s Happy Hour! Wait. Hour?

Yes, English speakers call it Happy Hour, but in Anglophone countries it’s the rare pub, bar, or restaurant that limits the period of pleasure to sixty minutes precisely. At this Swiss restaurant, though, the concept is understood literally – too literally, for those who prefer to achieve true happiness at a more leisurely pace. (Like, ahem, the Swinglisher.) Perhaps this reflects a desire to be known as much for precision in the use of Swinglish as for that of the country’s timepieces?

In any case, sant̩ Рand quick, cul sec!

Happy Hour.jpg