Coucou, Monsieur Trump: hereby presenting a warm Swiss welcome.

Before we begin, let it be known that this post does not necessarily reflect the political views of the Swinglisher. I’ll leave that to this post instead.

This graffiti isn’t new;fuck-trump-e1516463629787.jpg the Swinglisher has passed by it many times before. It’s not Swinglish, as the graffiti artist got the English vocabulary, grammar, and syntax juuust right. Given, however, that the person subject to the sentiments of said artist is currently on Swiss ground, what better time to share this snap with you, loyal Swinglishers?

As there’s no real Swinglish demonstrated here, this post merited the creation of a new category: Misuncategorizable. The title’s a nod to an infamous Bushism uttered by the American president thought at the time – by some, at least – to be the country’s most ridiculous ever, who seems almost benign in comparison to the country’s current leader. These “some” may just haveĀ misunderestimated how much they might one day be missing W.