2 pshits.

2pshitsWith apologies to the company in question – whose lovely, natural, Swiss-made cosmetic and body care products The Swinglisher often uses, often gifts to others, and just generally greatly appreciates – one doesn’t really want to have to give 2 pshits in order to fill one’s home with the magnificent scent of figs. At least not in English.

Just stay col.

I’m categorizing this under both Misspellings – which is how it appears on first glance, as usually one is admonished to “just stay cool” rather than to “just stay col” – and Misunderstandings, as it was suggested to The Swinglisher that she, not the notebook designer, was not correctly understanding the layout of the cover. Under this proposed theory, the “just stay” part is supposed to represent the missing “O” of what would otherwise be the word “cool.”

Let’s hope so. Otherwise, we have to look at other options for what one is supposed to “just stay.”

One translation of the French word col is “collar.” Another is “mountain pass.”

And another is “cervix.”

just stay col.jpg

Animal ass, just floating around …

No sooner had The Swinglisher arrived back in La Suisse than she was flipping through a flyer, looking for a good deal on a new computer, so as to more rapidly process and post photographs of the country’s finest Swinglish (among other activities, slightly more pressing), only to come across an advertisement for a most unusual type of floating toy.

animal ass.jpg

Interestingly, it’s the animals’ heads rather than their asses that are visible in the accompanying picture, perhaps for reasons of modesty. Must the swimrings be turned over to get a better view? No better incentive to get oneself to the store tout de suite!