About The Swinglish Language.

The Swinglish Language archives the Swinglisher’s favorite examples of Swinglish, or Swiss English, falling into various categories: Misspellings, Mistranslations, Misunderstandings, Mis-syntax, and the occasional, otherwise uncategorizable Mis…what?

In honor of this post, a new category was added: Misuncategorizable.

Recognizing that the Swinglisher does indeed have her own cross-cultural language foibles, there also exists the category of The Swinglisher’s Swinglish.


Each example of Swinglish has been captured with humor, goodwill, and a big merci, dangge, grazie, and engraziel just for trying. And no, the Swinglisher couldn’t do better herself — in any of Switzerland’s four national languages.